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Bronkhorst Sanitary ES-Flow Ultrasonic Flow Meter

ES-FLOW Ultrasonic Flow Meters

Bronkhorst flow meter/controller meets 3-A sanitary standards.

Bronkhorst presents their new generation of ES-FLOW Ultrasonic Flow Meters for low flow rates of water, additives, and other liquid substances. The improved flow meters measure volume flow from 2 up to 1500 ml/min with even higher precision, high linearity, and low-pressure drop, using ultrasound in a small-bore tube. The instruments are liquid-independent, thanks to the unique measuring principle, which accounts for the flow calculation's actual sound velocity. Thanks to the combination of a straight sensor tube with zero dead volume, the flow meter is self-draining. The flowmeter with orbital TIG-welded flanges is CIP or SIP cleanable and now meets 3-A sanitary standards for hygienic applications.

Wetted parts are stainless steel, and the exterior design is IP66 or IP67. The local user interface is a capacitive touchscreen with a TFT display to operate and readout the instrument. For remote operation, Bronkhorst added various Ethernet-based fieldbuses to the already available range of analog and digital communication options. The on-board PID controller can drive a control valve or pump, enabling users to establish a complete, compact control loop.

Typical applications are in industries that require precision fluid handling, e.g., fuel consumption measurement and dosing of hydrocarbons, demineralized water, colorants, or lubricants. The new low-flow liquid flow meters and controllers have many uses in Food, Beverage & Pharma (e.g., additives, sterilization of packages), Medical and Chemical (e.g., catalysts, reagents), and many other markets.

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