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Specifying a Gas Thermal Mass Flowmeter

Sage Metering Thermal Flowmeters

"There are important factors to consider when defining a thermal mass flowmeter to ensure precision and performance in a gas flow application."

Here is an excellent article, authored by Sage Metering President Bob Steinberg and courtesy of Flowcontrolnetwork.com, titled "Specifying a Thermal Mass Flowmeter for Gases".

Download a PDF of the Article Here

Topics covered in this article:

  • What is mass flow?
  • Why is mass flow important?
  • 9 benefits of thermal mass flowmeters
  • Importance of proper installation
  • Selecting the proper meter and specifications
  • Wiring considerations
  • Applications to avoid 

A thermal mass flowmeter has numerous advantages over other technologies for measuring the mass flow rate and consumption of gases. Featuring wide rangeability, pressure independence, extreme low-end sensitivity and ease of installation, they have become widely popular for countless commercial, industrial and environmental applications. Furthermore, by offering a variety of configurations and outputs, TMFMs provide the flexibility and economy to accommodate mostly any type of gas flow application.

To use a TMFM to its fullest potential, give thoughtful consideration to the installation location, the meter’s flow body and which features are best for the application.

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