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WOM - Worldwide Oilfield Machine


Worldwide Oilfield Machine:

API-6D dual-seal trunnion mounted ball valves for pipeline, petrochemical, and process industries. WOM’s Dual Seal Ball Valve is the only trunnion mounted ball valve with two independent seats on both sides of the ball. The Primary Seat take the normal wear and tear when the valve is cycled. If it ever gets damaged the Secondary Seat takes over. This redundant sealing technology can more than double the useful life of the valve.

WOM Products:

  • Dual-Seal Ball Valve Model 30 available in sizes ranging from 2” to 36”, Available in ASME Pressure classes 150-900
  • Dual-Seal Ball Valve Model 40 available in sizes ranging from 2” to 12”, Available in ASME Pressure classes 150-1500, with working pressures ranging from 285 psi to 3,705 psi

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